Indoor Park Situations

On July 4, local time, the Turkish Ministry of the Interior issued a notice to the provinces that the playground and theme park could be reopened on July 6. According to the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior, after the playground and theme park are reopened, visitors must pay attention to cleanliness, wear masks, and maintain social distance. Take necessary measures at exits and entrances to avoid close contact with personnel. Relevant employees need to receive the necessary training to understand the spread of new coronavirus and protective measures. Those who do not comply with the epidemic prevention regulations may face fines. To prevent and control the epidemic, Turkish playgrounds and theme parks will be suspended from 24:00 on March 16. According to the data of the Turkish Ministry of Health, as of July 3, local time, a total of 203456 cases were diagnosed in Turkey, a total of 5186 deaths and a total of 178278 cases were cured. In the past week, 1100 to 1500 new cases were added in a single day in Turkey.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, which were closed due to the COD-19 virus, resumed business on July 1. The number of people entering the park in a single day will be controlled below 50%. The park stipulates that visitors must measure their body temperature before entering the park, and those who exceed 37.5 degrees are not allowed to enter the park. Tourists should wear masks and keep a certain distance from the cartoon image and other tourists in the park. When queuing to ride amusement facilities, you need to keep a distance, and each group rides at a certain distance. Some facilities and activities that cannot avoid crowding and close contact will continue to be suspended, including most entertainment performances and parade activities.

According to Reuters news on July 8, Disney stated on Tuesday (July 7) that Orlando Disneyland, Florida will be open to a limited number of tourists as scheduled on Saturday (July 11). The number of newly diagnosed cases in Florida has surged in the past month. In the past week, the number of confirmed cases in Florida has exceeded the 10,000 marks for 3 days. The mortality rate has increased by nearly 19% compared with the previous week, and the cumulative number of deaths has exceeded 3,800. Some Disney employees have initiated a petition to postpone the reopening of Orlando Disneyland, which closed in March this year. But in a statement on Tuesday, Disney’s chief medical officer, Pamela Hymel, said that new requirements have been put forward for temperature detection, facial coverings, and additional hygienic conditions, which could allow tourists to “responsibly” Play in Disneyland.

The Singapore Tourism Board said that Singapore entered the second phase of virus blocking measures, and the authorities allowed the tourism industry to reopen in phases starting July 1. A total of 13 tourist attractions and entertainment venues in Universal Studios Singapore, the zoo, and the two local casinos were approved to reopen on July 1, and the number of people will be limited to 25% of the original. It is reported that there are a total of 13 entertainment venues and tourist attractions approved for reopening in Singapore, namely: Gardens by the Bay, Jurong Bird Park, Zoo, River Ecological Park, BOUNCE, Madame Tussauds Singapore, Zero Latency, The Art Science Museum and Sky Garden in Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium, and two major casinos. After the two major casinos reopen, only members and annual admission tax holders can enter.