Pendulum Rides

The pendulum rides are a new version of a popular thrill ride and exciting large-scale amusement machine. It is also called the giant discover ride. Besides, the giant discovery also has the other names: Frisbee ride or big pendulum, which is a kind of highly thrilling ride for sale in DAMO. The pendulum ride is featuring a circular gondola that rotates as it swings back and forth.

Normally, the pendulum is divided into the mini pendulum, giant discovery, and 360 pendulums of doom. All pendulum rides have the highest point to dive down and spin. Among them, 360 big pendulums are the most thrilling and exciting. Riders on this ultimate thrill ride sit in outward-facing suspended seats that form a giant circle of 36 or 40 passengers. In general, their legs dangle freely, and the pendulum is secured by a pressure shoulder and a seat belt as secondary protection insurance. It can not only let tourists have fun but also ensure safety.

While the pendulum arm swing and the seat plate rotating, the main shaft of the suspension cockpit would operate the pendulum driven by the motor. The operating large pendulum can bring the passengers who are on it a thrilling feeling. So, this is why the large pendulum is thrilling amusement equipment.

The big pendulum ride is one of the main projects of our company, and the technology is totally mature. What’s more, to meet the needs of the market, our company combines domestic and overseas design concepts.

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Henan DAMO Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. It was established in 1999 and has a large-scale and powerful theme park equipment production base in central China. It covers an area of more than 100 acres and has more than 200 employees.Since its establishment, it has been committed to research and development, and the production of amusement equipment with market value.

Our company’s long term developing aim is quality first, customers first. We try to provide customers with competitive prices with good quality. In DAMO, you can enjoy top service no matter before order or after purchase. Our products have a competitive price with higher quality, which is your best choice. Our factory is in Xingyang, Henan province. There are hundreds of workers and tens of designers, all of our staff welcome your visiting and field investigation.

As a professional and leading manufacturer in the amusement industry, high quality is my advantage all the time. Every process is strictly required. The amusement equipment is made up of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic(FRP), steel, and electrical components. Look, this is our production process.

We all use the national standard steel, and all electrical components are from listed company Chint Electric. What’s more, our core components-Wannan Motor, is a well-known domestic brand. Slewing supports are from well-known brands in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Without letting go of any details, one screw is all 8.8 grade high strength.

Damo amusement is specialized in manufacturing the Pendulum of Doom giant discovery with the steel structure and fiberglass reinforced plastic(also called FRP) decoration, the fiberglass is painted with environmentally friendly anti-fading car painting. So the frisbee ride for sale from Damo is supplied in high quality and ensure the safety of all riders, which are sold to many countries such as Algeria, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and so on.

In our factory, we manufacture the big pendulum with different sizes, such as 30 seats, 23 seats, 12 seats, 6 seats. And it can be classified in the adult and kid model, or thrill and non-thrill model. No matter what you need, Damo can satisfy your demands.

Features and Advantages

  • Now, the discovery rides are more and more popular, the manufacturers are trying to make more changes and big investments in innovation.
  • The thrill pendulums rides can be controlled easily by only one panel, and decorate with exquisite lights show glitter at night brightly.
  • It costs little money but obtains great profits. It is often put in the obvious place of the park, thus attracting a number of people to experience.
  • The machine has a beautiful shape and a scientific structure. Visitors sit in the round cockpit facing out, novelty and fun.
  • We accept customization. No matter what you need, our professional team can satisfy your demands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like all other rides, there is always a chance of an accident occurring. If you or your child is suffering from an illness or not feeling 100%, maybe leaving the thrill rides away is a good choice. Pendulum rides are extremely popular rides for the thrill seekers.

As the ride takes off, the gondolas swing back and forth and sometimes all the way around in a circle. During a pendulum ride, the body is exposed to a certain amount of force due to the acceleration. Though the body can handle small amounts and durations of this force, it could pose threats to those who are suffering from medical conditions or even minor stress on the body. Be sure to follow all of the posted rules and restrictions of the ride, accompany children on the ride.

Some of the conditions that may make pendulum rides dangerous for riders are:

Hyperventilation: If a person gets scared and starts panicking, his or her body would start nervous to answer the stress with short breathing. So, Hyperventilation may cause a lack of oxygen to the brain and can actually reduce the body’s ability to cope with the force of the ride. Those people who has high blood pressure, heart disease, coronary heart disease, and mental disorder people are not allow riding on the thrill pendulum ride.

Inebriate: Be cautious about drinking alcohol before riding a pendulum ride or any other thrill rides. Alcohol can increase the risk of dizziness and vomit, which can then increase the impacts of a pendulum ride’s force on the body. What’s worse, the vomitus may cause the drunk strangle as he or her riding on the thrill pendulum ride.

Colds or fever: Some people those are suffering from a cold or fever may be more vulnerable to the impacts of pressure on the body, especially if you have a fever or are dehydrated. As it known to all, people are hypo immunity at that time.

Heatstroke: Heat stroke can cause the temperature inside the body to rise and increase dehydration, which can compromise the body’s somatic function ability to handle the effects of force pressure from the thrill rides.

Medical Conditions and Anxiousness If suffering from a concussion, medical condition, or one of the conditions listed above, you should be careful going on thrill rides like a pendulum ride. Be cautious about children riding on these rides because they are more vulnerable to the effects of force from acceleration. If your child is scared or anxious about going on one of these rides, reassure them that they do not need to go on if they do not feel comfortable. Feeling anxious about riding can increase the chance of falls and other accidents.

Pendulum rides are a little like the swing sets you might remember from your childhood. Swings give us a feeling of flying in a controlled manner. You pump your legs to provide enough force to increase the height of the swing’s arc, and enjoy the increased velocity of the downward swing.

Pendulum rides are amusement rides based on the motion of a fixed pendulum. The configuration of the discovery ride consists of a gondola, arm, and an axle. One end of the arm is fitted with a passenger-carrying gondola, while the other is attached to the axle. On some models, the arm extends beyond the axle and is fitted with a heavy counterweight. The counterweight is often used when the gondola swings through an inversion. In addition to swinging back and forth, some designs incorporate rotating gondolas and may send riders through a complete inversion.

The science behind the pendulum is explained through the forces of gravity and inertia. Gravity isn’t pulling the pendulum back to return to the beginning point. The force of gravity is pulling the pendulum down toward the Earth. The gravity force varies depending on altitude. The Earth’s gravity attracts the pendulum. Pendulums swing with reciprocating motion pattern and operate with the invisible force of gravity.

Pendulum rides are amusement rides based on the motion of a fixed pendulum. The configuration of the ride consists of a gondola, arm, and an axle. … Pendulum rides are propelled by one of two methods: a series of DC motors driving the axle, or wheels at the base of the station pushing the gondola as it swings by.

The weightlessness feeling originates from the force of gravitation. Riders could usually feel strong g-forces when they pass through the bottom of the rotating pendulum. These g-forces are the results of the gravity increment. It is actually the force of the seat imposed on their bodies.

When the swing is raised and released, it will move freely back and forth due to the force of gravity on it. The swing continues moving back and forth without any extra outside help until friction (between the air and the swing and between the chains and the attachment points) slows it down and eventually stops it.

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