Trackless Train for Sale in Mexico

Trackless trains become more and more popular with people. It can be used both in outdoor amusement parks and indoor places. The trackless train will attract more people to sit and earn more money. DAMO supplies all kinds of trackless trains to meet your requirement. The trackless train gradually becomes necessary in many amusement parks.

The trackless train usually consists of a tractor unit, which tows many articulated trailers or carriages in the manner of a locomotive. The tractor unit can be driven by an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. The carriage may accommodate 6 to 40 people and can be topped or untopped. The trains are very popular in many parks and big malls. Damo has sold a thousand sets of equipment.

The Mexican clients looked through our website and found what they needed. They own a big amusement park. Our sales staff kept in touch with the clients and figured out their requirements. About two months later, the clients made an order. As trackless trains have kinds of types, such as Elephant train, Dotto train, Clown train, etc, salesclerk need to tell clients in advance. We’ll offer the clients the most suitable types. Mexico clients were satisfied with the performance of the facility and spoke highly of the quality. Quality has always been our way of survival. We also guarantee delivery time.

With a group of technical staff, DAMO is able to design different kinds of trains according to clients’ needs. So, if you need any amusement facility, just call us. We’ll give you a surprise.

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