Roller Coaster for Sale in Malaysia

In April 2019, Malaysian customers were searching the roller coaster rides on the Internet, and later found DAMO website and saw the roller coaster products we designed. They were very interested in the product. So they sent an e-mail to ask about the specific parameters and prices of the roller coaster. Then our sales staff contacted the customer, they confirmed the product size and land area with the customer, and finally recommended the corresponding product to the customer. The client raised many professional questions, and our design team also gave timely answers. After a few days, the customer directly determined the size of the product and placed an order with the company.

China Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer - DAMORIDES

The customer later said that he had seen a lot of products, some of which were either ridiculously expensive and too much over budget, or the company could not produce products of the right size. Moreover, many companies were not professional in their business, and they weren’t able to solve their problems in a timely manner. They finally chose us because of our rapid response and professionalism. He was very satisfied with our performance, and we can also provide customized products according to customer requirements. He thought that our company was doing very well at this point and felt satisfied. DAMO has been specializing in the production of amusement equipment for more than 10 years. The production line is perfect, and the design team has rich design experiences. Our customers are all over the world, and our old customers value us highly and recognize the company’s philosophy.

DAMO, as one of the most famous domestic and foreign amusement equipment suppliers, has always insisted on the quality of products, while improving its professional skills, learning advanced concepts and technologies at home and abroad, improving its level of innovation, and constantly improving the product system. These years DAMO has won the trust of customers. If you need any amusement facilities, just contact us.