Sales Tips for the Kids Indoor Playground After Holiday

As we all know, Many children’s gardens generate revenue mainly through holiday marketing. The indoor children’s amusement park is constantly being compressed with the increase in operating costs. The benefits brought by the holidays alone make the children’s playground stretched! It is time for operators to open up their minds and try the following marketing strategies for children’s parks.

1. Experiential Sales

When many children’s amusement parks are opened, local parents will be invited to experience them for free. This is also the secret to quickly open the market! The personal experience and practice of parents and children is the most favorable word of mouth marketing tool.

Through the observation, trial play, and listening of the target consumers, the brand is generated with a good sense, resulting in continuous consumption behavior. This model establishes lasting connections with consumers, motivating customers to become dependent on the brand, and becoming a loyal customer of the park.

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  1. Club Marketing

From the club, we can create opportunities to contact and communicate with customers, attract a large number of customers around us for a long time, let customers get used to the children’s playground, form a sense of dependence, and then create a sense of belonging to the park brand. The member discount system is adopted from time to time to promote the multiple consumption of children’s park members.

China Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer - DAMORIDES

3. Theme Event Marketing

The rich activities and content are essential for the operation of the children’s park. They can maintain cooperative relationships with well-known children’s performance institutions and educational institutions throughout the country. Regularly organize children’s drama performances, children’s talent shows, parent classes, and other various activities in the children’s playground. Such activities have great appeal to children and parents, and can also enhance the brand’s gold content of the venue so that parents have a strong sense of brand identity.

China Outdoor & Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturer - DAMORIDES

4. Friend Recommendation Marketing

Start the “Hop Friends” program, let the players invite their friends to play in the children’s amusement park, there will be surprise gifts, and you can set more promotion modes, for example: recommend 1 friend to give 1 free play opportunity; recommend 3 Above, free to play 5 times; recommend more than 10, get a monthly card, free to play within one month.