105m Observation Wheel

105m Ferris Wheel is one of the giant Ferris Wheel, Normally the 88m Ferris Wheel is bullied as the landmark of the park, even the city. and add the lights for the Ferris wheel. It would be the most beautiful view of the city. Romantic, attractive, thrill… The height of the Ferris wheel decide that the view for the customers would be very nice,

Passengers per Cabin6P
Wheel Diameter99m

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Henan DAMO Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. It was established in 1999 and has a large-scale and powerful theme park equipment production base in central China. It covers an area of more than 100 acres and has more than 200 employees. Since its establishment, it has been committed to research and development, and the production of amusement equipment with market value.

Our company’s long term developing aim is quality first, customers first. We try to provide customers with competitive prices with good quality. In DAMO, you can enjoy top service no matter before order or after purchase. Our products have a competitive price with higher quality, which is your best choice. Our factory is in Xingyang, Henan province. There are hundreds of workers and tens of designers, all of our staff welcome your visiting and field investigation.

Product Details

Model105m Ferris Wheel
Passengers per Cabin6P
Wheel Diameter99m
Voltage380V 50/60Hz
Driving Power55Kw
Running Time18min/r
Theory Capacity720PPH
Passenger Height Restriction (Accompanied)90cm
Passenger Height Restriction (Unaccompanied)120cm
Driving ModeHydraulic Drive
Installation TypeFixed
Foundation Style     Anchor Bolts
MaterialStainless Steel, Fiberglass
Design StandardsEN, ASTM, CSEI and other specifications.
Producing Period100 Days

Carousel ride materials are made from 196 epoxy craft resin and 04 platinum fabric. In order to make the details of FRP perfectly, we all adopt the traditional manual grinding method. It took 8 hours to make a fiberglass reinforced plastic model. Usually, polishing one set of 16 seat carousel will take 26 days. We not only compare the thickness but also toughness.

We all use the national standard steel, and all electrical components are from the listed company Chint Electric. What’s more, our core components-Wannan Motor, is a well-known domestic brand. Slewing supports are from well-known brands in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Without letting go of any details, one screw is all 8.8-grade high strength.

Each Carousel ride capability of bearing has undergone rigorous design and calculation, and the design is more reasonable.

As a leading manufacturer of observation Ferris wheels, DAMO provides three types mini backyard Ferris wheel for the kids: single side 5 cabins 10 seats, single side 6 cabins 12 seats, and double side 10 cabins 20 seats. We also can produce a wide range of different height wheels range from 30M to 120M and other much higher giant Ferris wheels for outdoor park playground. If you have any good idea on the wheels, we can also customize it for you separately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Believe it or not, Ferris wasn’t the first person to come up with such a wheel. In 1848, with no real amusement park, a Frenchman, Antonio Manguino built a wooden pleasure wheel to draw visitors’ attentions to his entrepreneurship fair in Walton Spring, Georgia. So, the Frenchman brought a version of the Ferris wheel to the United States.

When the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 was curated in Chicago, Daniel Burnham (a famous architect) wants to build something that will surpass the Eiffel Tower. This elegant wrought iron structure rises over a thousand feet above the ground. It was at the core of the 1889 Paris Exposition. But many Americans had never been to Paris and were without an idea of how tall the Eiffel Tower was.

George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., a construction engineer from Pittsburgh, specialized in steel building and steel mills. He was in charge of inspecting the steel used in the exhibition. After brainstorming, Ferris quickly sketched out a large, rotating steel “observation wheel” structure on some scrap paper. He added some specifications details later, and then made a plan of the ticket price. The next day, he presented his idea to the committee. They had heard about the smaller wooden “pleasure wheels” that began appearing in resorts many years ago. But, seeing such giant size of the wheel, the committee thought he was crazy. They refuse to use slender poles to take people higher than the recently opened Statue of Liberty. A few weeks later, Ferris returned to the committee. He convinced several fellow engineers that his structure was both buildable and safe. More importantly, he found local investors to cover the $400,000 cost of construction. This time, Ferris’s plan was approved. Ferris used his engineering expertise to create the much-loved Ferris wheel.

Ferris’s giant observation wheel was modeled on a bicycle wheel. As spokes that keep the wheel-shaped and balanced, it has heavy steel beams. The “fork” that sets the shaft is a pyramid of two steel beams. The giant iron structure observation wheel components were built in Detroit and shipped to Chicago in a 150-car train. The 45-foot axle has 264 feet of wheels, 140 feet of support tower, and a total weight of 46 tons. It was said to be the largest steel forged in the world at that time. George Ferris conceived, designed, and built an engineering marvel that stunned the world when it debuted and became a mainstay of American entertainment. More than 100,000 pieces went into Ferris’s giant wheel, in particular an 89,320-pound axle that must be hoisted to two 140-foot towers. The original Ferris’s giant observation wheel can carry 36 beautifully decorated cabins, each of which can seat 40 people and stand 60 persons. The wheels were rotated by either of two 1,000-horsepower steam engines and stopped by an oversized air brake. Besides, Ferris’s innovative design was a model of efficiency, allowing the giant wheel to withstand Chicago’s notorious winds while carrying five times as much as a full load of about 1,200 tons.

When it opened on June 21, 1893, it was a resounding success. Every day, 38,000 people ride for 50 cents per person. That is equivalent to the general admission fee for the exhibition. So, many people would like to enjoy the 20 minutes ride experience. The giant Ferris’s wheel becomes the irresistible centerpiece of the exhibition. As one critic put it, “You needn’t advertise the wheels anyway, any more than you need advertise the Fair or the Atlantic Ocean. They’re too big.” Over the next 19 weeks, more than 1.5 million people paid the 20-minute drive of 50 cents and were given an aerial panorama few had ever seen. “It’s an indescribable feeling,” a journalist Robert Graves wrote, “that of revolving through such a vast orbit in a birdcage.”

Unfortunately, after the show ended, owners of resorts like Coney Island stole Ferris’s idea. George Ferris, the author of that uniquely modern combination of spirit, form, and function, spent the next two years in litigation. What’s worse, Ferris thought the show’s managers have robbed him and his investors of their fair share of the nearly $750,000 in profits his wheel bring in. At the end of 1896, he died prematurely of typhoid fever and bankruptcy at the age of 37. Two years later, Ferris’s giant wheel was blown to pieces. But his name lives on. His invention still exists in its ubiquitous imitators, who are inspired by the Ferris brings. Ferris’s “Giant wheel” goes on forever. It’s so-called the Ferris wheel. And because of this, the term Ferris wheel comes from the maker of one of the first examples constructed for Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr in 1893. Modern versions have been called observation wheels. Observation Ferris wheels can now be found in almost every amusement park in the world.

No amusement parks or carnivals are complete without a Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel has survived in a way, although traditional carnival activities will fall out of favor. Ferris wheel rides often add a lot of adventure, excitement, and fun to the theme parks or carnivals. If you visit some amusement parks, you’ll find that observation wheel rides are a major attraction at the carnivals. Would you like to know how much a Ferris wheel costs? This article will introduce some main factors affecting the prices of these big wheel rides around the world, and introduce the purchase considerations of Ferris wheels and the construction cost of giant wheels.

So, how much does a Ferris wheel cost? Well, it really depends on where you’re going to buy from and the specifications of the item itself. More importantly, you should first understand that you can choose to buy a new one or the second-hand used equipment.

1. Equipment Conditions

Typically, on Google or Alibaba, we find that the average price for a new 49-meter Ferris wheel is between $390,000 and $420,000. A used 49-meter big wheel can cost anywhere from $300,000 to $350,000, depending on the situation.

As mentioned above, order the giant Ferris wheel rides can be new or old. By comparison, new Ferris wheel rides bought directly from manufacturers tend to cost more than rides bought second-hand. The reason is that only from the production of raw materials, large amusement equipment needs to use a relatively large number of FRP and steel. In addition to the design and testing process, so the cost is higher than second-hand equipment. But in terms of using, new equipment is more cost-effective and affordable than used Ferris wheel equipment. The new devices can be customized and longer service life. After years of wear and tear, the cost of the second-hand Ferris wheel is naturally higher than that of the new equipment, considering the difficulty of maintenance. After all, the maintenance costs and parts repair and replacement are still a matter of consideration. I do suggest that you’d better buy new giant Ferris wheel equipment, which is not only cost-effective but also can ensure that unnecessary accidents occur. Besides, it could save a lot of maintenance e costs in the early using process.

2. Brand Manufacturers

Like other industries, the Ferris wheel has many factories, designers, manufacturers, and sales companies. When looking for the Ferris wheel manufacturer quotation, it is not difficult to find that the price of the Ferris wheel varies with different companies than we expected. There would be 5 different offers to consult 5 manufacturers. Actually, there is no absolute average price for custom-built rides like big observation wheels, because each manufacturer or owner usually sets their own specifications and prices according to their producing cost. Even if the giant Ferris wheel of the same specification is purchased from different manufacturers, the price will be very different. Many shoppers are absolutely dazzled and confused. Is it better to go straight for the cheapest price, or to go higher?

In fact, there are not many enterprises with Ferris wheel production qualifications. If you just read the publicity materials on the Internet and think that the company could produce a Ferris wheel, then you are wrong, especially when you see some company pages with big Ferris wheel prices of only tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. We all understand the truth of “Details is the key to success, and you get what you pay off “, especially for large-scale amusement equipment such as 49-meter giant observation wheel.

(1). The size and productivity of the manufacturer determine the different prices of Ferris wheel amusement equipment. Factory rent, workers’ wages, and daily expenses, which are definitely included in the price of amusement equipment. The price of a large manufacturer’s product is higher, and vice versa, the price of a small one is lower.

(2). Similarly, the production cost determines the different prices of amusement equipment. The cost of production includes raw materials, utilities, workers’ wages, and production efficiency, and so on. For example, the cost of raw steel material and the workers’ wages increasing in recent years push the production cost up. The higher prices have also been increased for amusement equipment. Production efficiency refers to the length of the production period for the same type of equipment. The long length of the period would spend much more the production cost than the short period, and also causes the price difference of different amusement equipment.

(3). The different production techniques of products also determine the different prices of amusement equipment. For the same kind of product, the different production technology adopted by each manufacturer will also result in different prices of amusement equipment.

Some of the most famous players in the Ferris wheel market are as follow:

  • DAMO Group
  • Zamperla
  • Eli Bridge Company
  • Great Wheel Corporation
  • Chance Morgan/Chance Rides
  • Fabbri Group
  • Intamin
  • And many others

Each manufacturer listed above sells its products at a different price. To get the best price, compare prices from different manufacturers before ordering the giant wheels.

3. Additional Features

Customized park rides with special features are usually more expensive than rides with basic features. For example, if you ask for rides with specially designed seats, rotating shafts, speed changes, or other unique and exciting features, you’ll have to pay a little more. Our customized Ferris wheel sightseeing cabins can provide customers with a variety of luxurious seats, KTV or high-definition cinema, air conditioning, and other personalized built-in equipment for different needs.

4. Size and Capability

Ferris wheels are usually designed in different sizes, and of course, they have different bearing capacities, wind pressure levels, and earthquake resistance. Small Ferris wheel rides are usually cheaper to build than large ones. Therefore, a small Ferris wheel structure is easy and wind resistance will also be below. In addition, observation wheel rides with large carrying capacity usually require more complex designs. It means they are usually more costly and complex in structure than Ferris wheels with small carrying capacity. Under the ensuring condition of a certainly required safety factor, the design of the Ferris wheel with higher capacity and height will be more complicated, and the construction cost will also increase.

5. Where to Buy

Just like buying any other type of products, you may get a manufacturer that is offering a discount on their products. The best way to find the best discounts is to communicate your purchasing needs diligently before deciding where to buy the Ferris wheel. Ideally, you should find a well-known and reputable manufacturer who can provide you with a complete process for the look, design, manufacture, and installation of the giant wheel ride. You can obviously get a better price for the equipment from China. That is an advantage in itself for many theme park owners. No matter where you buy the Ferris wheel from, make sure the manufacturer provides a warranty.

If you just have plans to buy a giant wheel right, we don’t tell you to buy one of our Ferris wheels. But we suggest you know the cost to consider when buying an observation wheel.

First of all, you shouldn’t assume anything. Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean you’re getting your money’s worth, especially when it comes to safety. What you want to do is select through the different brands and check which brands have a track record of producing high-quality large-scale equipment.

More importantly, there is no record of accidents caused by production errors. There are so many brands out there. You might want to start by getting referrals from people in your industry.

DAMO Group is a professional Ferris wheel manufacturer in China, and our giant wheels are well received by our customers.

We have mini Ferris wheel, small Ferris wheel, giant Ferris wheel for your requirements, and other 20 meters to 120 meters different heights and styles of Ferris wheel can be customized for customers. Because our Ferris wheels come in different sizes and appearances, the cost of selling Ferris wheels varies. Here, we can assure you that our prices are the most reasonable. For example, a small single-sided 5/6 arm children’s Mini Ferris wheel is priced between $12,000 and $19,550.

If you run a business that makes kids and lovers feel good on their first date, I think you’d want to buy an observation wheel. To obtain or purchase high-quality Ferris wheel, please contact us!

If we want to know another name for the Ferris wheel, then we first have to know what the Ferris wheel is. Ferris wheel is a ride, a big wheel at a fairground. It is a large fixed on the support of a rotating wheel-like mechanical amusement device. It has become the most common equipment in amusement parks (or theme parks) and carnival activities. The wheel has many passenger cabins (usually called gondolas, capsules, cockpits, coaches, or passenger cars) suspended freely from the edge of the wheel. Passengers sit in the cockpits, which remain upright while the giant wheel is rotating slowly. This process can allow passengers to view different landscapes from different heights. These big wheels were originally called observation wheels, but they were also called Ferris wheels because they were designed and built earlier by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr in 1893. So in American English, the term “Ferris wheel” is used to refer to this kind of ornamental giant wheeled structure. But in Britain, Big Wheel is another name for Ferris wheel. So, do you want to know more names of Ferris wheels in different regions?

Here are we’ve collected a few different words from different regions that you might use instead of Ferris wheels in different documents.

Giant wheel, Observation wheel, and Big wheel usually appear in mainstream English-speaking countries. Americans would prefer to use the Giant wheel or observation wheel. Big wheel or giant wheel always appears in British cultures. Sky Wheel or High Roller appears in part of the regions.

  • In Germany, the Ferris wheel is translated into Riesenrad.
  • Het wiel van Ferris is a meaning of the Ferris wheel.
  • Grande roué or Roue de Ferris is used in France.
  • As for the Greek, Ρόδα Ferris means Giant wheel
  • Eurowheel or Rotella di Ferris has the similar meaning to the observation wheel.
  • To a Portuguese, Roda de Ferris is the same as a giant wheel.
  • Russian believes big wheel is Колесо Ferris in their culture.
  • Rueda de Ferris in Spanish likes Ferris wheel or giant wheel in English.

The Ferris wheel rotates continuously at a relatively low speed all the time so that passengers can get up and down the bottom section of the cabin as the wheels turn. So, when you get in and out of the capsule, it’s also moving, but very slowly. As for the question of how long does the giant wheel each ride take. There is no fixed answer.

First, each Ferris wheel manufacturer designs and builds different specifications, so even though big wheels of the same height will have different ride times.

Second, the operating cost of each park will be different, so different Ferris wheel owners will require different ride times.

If it had to give an approximate ride time, I would say 10-15 minutes, maybe 20-25 minutes, depending on our product specs.

Is it dangerous to ride the Ferris wheel? The answer is no. Compared to other carnival rides, Rides on the Ferris wheel experience for many people is quite safe and comfortable. There are no sudden drops, high-speed rotations, or crashes involved, Ferris wheel ride experience is quite leisurely and absolutely no danger, provided it is handled properly and the rules are followed. But there is still one thing to care about: height. Though the Ferris wheels wound not give rise to much danger from some small injuries, the accidents that fall from the Ferris wheel are usually happened and very serious.

Safety is a top priority for the amusement park industry. At the 400 fixed-site amusement parks in the United States, about 280 million visitors visit the theme parks each year and take 1.7 billion rides. The chance of a serious injury is only 1 in 9 million. In fact, you’re more likely to get injured on your way to an amusement park than on any ride.

Many Ferris wheel deaths and accidents can be blamed on passengers failing to follow the posted rules, such as shaking the gondola, releasing latches, or safety features. As a result, some Ferris wheel park owners are now banning single passengers with the hope of reducing unnecessary tragedies or suicide attempts.

Below is a comprehensive list of Ferris wheel accidents and mishaps dating from 2002 to recently.

Ferris Wheel Accidents

By looking up the Ferris wheel’s accident statistics, it’s easy to see that passengers are not the only ones at risk either. Workers also would probably be injured or killed while assembling or disassembling a Ferris wheel ride.

Causes for Accidents

Most Ferris wheel accidents and crashes are due to passengers not following the rules and restrictions. Falls might occur when a passenger stands up from his or her seat in the capsule and tries to exit before the rides stop, or shakes the gondola back and forth fiercely. Unfortunately, many Ferris wheel tragedies are also caused by operator mistakes and mechanical errors.

Mechanical Errors

In 2013, a man on the Ferris wheel was killed when a piece of metal fell and hit his head. Similarly, in 2012, a young girl was killed while being struck in the head by lightning from the sky. In 2012, three teenagers were injured when the Ferris wheel completely broke off and fell. All of these Ferris wheel accidents were due to mechanical failure.

Operator’s Negligence

In 2005, a drunken carnival worker drove the Ferris wheel out-of-the sequence operation. Although no accidents or injuries were reported, the accidents could have been worse if the stoned worker had started or stopped the ride at the wrong time, or had not followed the ride’s safety rules. The worker was charged with drunk driving. He is a famous example of operator negligence.

Preventing Accidents

Whatever the circumstances, parents should be careful about allowing children who are not easy to follow the rules to ride the thrill rides without an adult. Many Ferris wheel crashes are caused by mistakes made by children riding alone. In one case, a young boy fell off the top of the Ferris wheel because he was terrified when it stopped to let people off at the bottom. Because of scared and panic, the little boy tried to climb out and fell down. Sometimes, young children think it is fun to play and push their gondolas back and forth so hard that someone falls. If your child wants to ride on the Ferris wheel, please be sure that they meet height and weight requirements, preferably with an adult.

Help Tips

If you think you, someone you loved, or your children have been injured in a Ferris wheel accident, especially if you think it was caused by mechanical failure or negligence by the operators, please contact the operator of the owner of the Ferris wheel for assistance. A Ferris wheel fall accident can be particularly wounded, even though not deadly. Ferris wheel falls often cause physical, emotional, and financial hardship for victims and their families. Contact your lawyer or equipment operator to see whether you’re worth paying for the Ferris wheel accident.

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